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Uganda National Farmers’ Manifesto 2016-Agenda 2016 and Beyond

The Uganda National Farmers’ Manifesto is
a call to action directed at the Government
of Uganda, Political Parties, Development
partners, and Non-State Actors. As the
country prepares for the 2016 general
elections, the farmers of Uganda are asking
each of these Stakeholders to prioritize
the needs of the agricultural sector. The
collective voice of Uganda’s farmers needs
to be heard in political discussions, agreed
priorities, and holding leaders accountable,
before and after 2016 general elections.
One can not overemphasize the importance
of the agricultural sector to the national
economy, rural livelihood, and the food
security of Ugandans. Agriculture is the
backbone of Uganda’s economy, accounting
for over 75% of total employment, over 26%
of the GDP, and 45% of foreign exchange
earningS. Agriculture provides the basis
for growth in other sectors such as the
manufacturing and the related services
In spite of these figures, the sector’s recent
performance has been unimpressive.
Agricultural production and productivity
has declined due to the lack of guidance
and support from the state. For example,
between 2000 and 2002, agricultural output
reduced from 7.9% to 3.0%.
It is against this background that Ugandan
farmers and farmer organizations, under
the auspices of the National Coalition
on Agricultural Governance in Uganda
(CAGU), began compiling the National
Farmers’ Manifesto. The team administered
questionnaires, organized face-to-face
interviews, and held district and regional
meetings to develop regional positions. The
exercise took place between the months of
March and August 2015 and included over
one million farmers
It was conducted in more than 80 districts
across the Central, Western, Eastern, and
Northern regions. Each region identified
the key constraining factors affecting their
agricultural production and productivity.
From these regional priorities, farmers
countrywide agreed on five key issues to be
highlighted in this manifesto.
We believe that thorough and timely action
on the issues raised in this proclamation
will revolutionize agriculture and give the
sector a face and pride once again. It will
improve our livelihoods and contribute to the
realization of Vision 2040. It is a covenant
upon which the farmers in Uganda will base
their selection of their next government, as
well as keep it accountable on an annual
Agenda 2016 and Beyond