Agency For Transformation

Building partnerships with networks of change

In addition to the existing partnerships with Uganda National Farmers Federation (UNFEE), District Farmers Associations (DFAs), Uganda Small Scale Industries Association, Eastern Africa Farmers Federation (EAFF), Uganda National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (UNCCI) – we will seek to add more strategic partners who equally have millions of people in their networks and have platforms to exchange information. Such networks include the Inter Religious Council of Uganda (IRCU), Uganda Radio Network (URN), Uganda Youth Network and the Uganda Local Government Association  (ULGA). Discussions are already underway to cooperate in the near future. The discussion particularly with ULGA is at an advanced stage and there is a likely opportunity to be a part of a big e-platform bringing together local governments, teachers and health workers through their specific networks to mutually support one another through an information referral system that speeds up service delivery in health, education and agriculture by making sure service delivery matters arising in any of these sectors are responded to in real time. The preliminary agreement is for ULGA, the teachers union and health workers union to come together in a tripartite arrangement, each representing an interest. For ULGA, it’s about local economic development or farmers and their enterprises to be more precise and education and health services for the teachers union and health workers union respectively. AfT’s opportunity is the information pathway this tripartite offers but also our defined role in this partnership. We are coming on board for technical backstopping which includes development of additional content to use in e-platform, monitoring the functionality of the system and suggesting ways of how to further improve it and picking up policy related matters for further action.