Agency For Transformation

Amos Zikusooka, Chairman of the Board

Mr. Amos Zikusooka is the Chairman of the Board of Agency for Transformation. Amos holds a Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) degree in media and communication from the university of Oslo in Norway and the first ever, first class bachelors degree in Mass communication from Makerere University, Kampala. Amos is a strategic communication specialist with state-of-the-art expertise in designing and implementing strategic communication interventions for agriculture, health, education, and other development programs in Sub-Saharan Africa. Over the last 15 years, he has developed and implemented more than 50 communication strategies, provided technical support to the Johns Hopkins country offices in Uganda, Zambia and Ethiopia and provided short term consultancy services to the African Union, Save the Children Sweden, the European Union, Bank of Uganda, UNICEF, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and Sports and the USAID Aids Capacity Enhancement Project